dumb 0.4.0 Release Notes

dumb is a free software suite of tools to manage collections of bookmarks that are:

  • indipendent from the browser / application:

    dumb bookmarks can point to anything that has an URL, regardless of the app needed to open them.

  • shareable and distributed:

    dumb bookmarks are designed to be easily managed in a DVCS to provide an easy mean to share a bookmark collection within a team, a community or the whole world.

Version 0.4.0 is a release that can be used daily for personal bookmarks, but is still missing features and could include unexpected bugs.


Main changes from releases 0.3.*

User visible

  • New script added: dumb-to-jinja2, to render an HTML representation of a dumb collection.
  • Bookmarks are now really saved as utf-8 encoded files.


  • Manpages for the scripts.


  • Bookmarks know about their IDs in the bm field.
  • New module dumb.scutils with helper functions for the command line scripts.